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 Commercial Gas Meter Installations for Business.


 Low and medium pressure commercial gas meter installations, anywhere in the UK. 

 You may be surprised to learn that commercial customers do not need to arrange their gas meter installation through an energy supplier - indeed, this is usually the most expensive route for the customer. Commercial gas meters are owned and operated by seperate organisations, known as a Meter Asset Manager or MAM (please see "Competition in Meter Ownership" below). We use the same MAM company as most of the so-called "big six" gas suppliers, but because our overheads are lower, our charges are much lower too. In many cases, we are able to provide the meter installation free of charge. However, the only difference between a meter installation that we arrange and one sourced through a gas supplier is the cost - there are absolutely no hidden charges. All our meters are installed by a Gas Safe registered, Ofgem Aproved, Meter Installer (OAMI), to the same high standards as that of any of the major energy providers. 

We as energy brokers, provide competitive, no-obligation gas supply contract prices for you to consider. If you wish to proceed with an offer, we then manage the whole process for you, including the meter installation. You are then able to compare prices and be sure that you are getting the best possible deal.  

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 Capacity Increase through Your Existing Gas Meter.

 In addition to new meter installations, we can also arrange capacity increases. This is where customers wish to increase the amount of gas that they currently use. Typically  this will be when a new business has been aquired, or where an existing business is planning expansion. We can provide free expert advice and a free no-obligation quote for this type of project. As part of our service, we also arrange for the existing service pipe to be checked to make sure that it can cope with the increase. The meter works are then planned and completed with the minimum of fuss.

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 Competition in Meter Ownership.

In 2004, competition was introduced into gas meter ownership by the energy regulator Ofgem and companies called Meter Asset Managers (MAM) were created. Some gas suppliers are also registered as MAMs but in most cases, the MAM is an independent company. The MAM owns and operates the meter and charges the gas supplier for its use in the billing process. This competition in meter ownership has created a more competitive arena and it is now possible to shop around for the cheapest costs. In most cases, our gas meter installation charges (if applicable) are far less than those of gas suppliers.  








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