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Typical Project Timescales.


How long will it take to get me connected?

It will be obvious to most, that the larger and more complicated the gas connection project, the more time on average will be needed to complete it. For work to commence on-site, 6-8 weeks from acceptance of a quotation would be a reasonable rule-of-thumb for most projects. Meter installations can take 5-15 working days to be completed from acceptance of an order, depending on size. The two processes can normally run in parallel.   

It will always pays dividends to consider the need for a gas supply connection as early as possible, when looking to construct new premises or when moving premises. Likewise, if a building already has an existing supply, it should be verified at an early stage that the service is live and adequate in terms of capacity for the type of operation it is needed for. Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs) can vary quite markedly on their quote delivery service, some taking four weeks or more to produce firm costs. It is therefore sensible to submit enquiries as early as possible. 

When a quotation is accepted, the UIP must plan works that involve the public highway, by arrangement with the local authority. The council will ultimately dictate to the UIP when the work can be undertaken. This is due to the fact that from 2008, the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) came into force. The TMA was designed to minimise disruption to road users from street works and as such, it gives greater powers to local authorities for the administration of works in the public highway.

Some large cities such as London for example, impose lane rental and parking bay suspension charges for the duration of the works. Also, some city locations are classed as residential areas, resulting in the imposition of yet further restrictions on times of day when work can take place.

Here at E.L. Gas Connections, we know from practical experience, the problems that can be encountered when trying to get work completed. We are always looking out for your intersts as our client to ensure that delays are avoided or kept to an absolute minimum. Just as importantly, we keep you informed about possible delays to allow you to plan ahead.















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