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Low Contract Rates for New Gas Connection Customers.

E. L. Gas Connections has a special arrangement with one of the UK’s leading gas suppliers and we have access to preferential rates for our new gas connections customers. This along with our low-cost commercial gas meter installation service, provides a credible and advantageous service for our business customers, with extremely competitive supply contract rates and an end-to-end service. Clients often save hundreds if not thousands of pounds, overall.

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 Competitive Business Energy for Existing Gas & Electricity Users. 

We are also able to help existing business users get the most competitive gas and electricity supply contracts too. For example, when an existing supply contract is coming to an end, some energy suppliers “roll-over” the contract automatically. This is where the contract is automatically renewed for a new period, but at a different rate per kWh. This renewal rate can be more expensive than the previous and may render the customer to pay much higher energy costs than necessary. When a business is sold or changes ownership the new owner should register their business with the existing energy supplier – known as a Change of Tenancy. Although the existing supplier will still supply the new business without a supply contract, the energy used will be at so-called deemed rates. Deemed Contract Tariffs are deemed to apply when a customer begins a new supply of electricity or gas at a property, but has not entered into formal contract tariff rates for its supply. The customer may be placed on a default 'deemed tariff rate' by the gas or electricity supplier. The default tariff rates for a deemed contract are often more expensive than the most competitive gas or electricity rates on offer from that supplier, or other suppliers in the market.

In either scenario above, it is important to compare business electricity and gas prices in the market, as a matter of urgency. The customer can then gain access to a much more competitive contract, or contracts. E. L Gas Connections can compare business energy for you.

Call 03330 110818 or click on the Handshake Icon on the right of the screen to get a free, no-obligation quotation.






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